Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Five Reasons why you should learn Erlang

Here are the 5 resons why you should learn Erlang according to Joe Armstrong who is also the creator of Erlang

• You want to write programs that run faster when you run them on
a multicore computer.
• You want to write fault-tolerant applications that can be modified
without taking them out of service.
• You’ve heard about “functional programming” and you’re wondering
whether the techniques really work.
• You want to use a language that has been battle tested in real
large-scale industrial products that has great libraries and an
active user community.
• You don’t want to wear your fingers out by typing lots of lines of

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What a DREAM it was!!!!!!!!

Today is the last day that we all are being in our University. After to day it's all over. What a memorable period it was. Full of joys. I couldn't believe that there is no longer shouting, screaming, joking at the final year lab. The most beautiful period of life is going to over this way. How can we forget this wonderful period with all the brothers and sisters. It will be safe in our hearts through out our life.