Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trip to Kanneliya

Last two days me and my friends at the university went on a trip to Kanneliya (a biological park nere Galle). Probably it will be the last trip that we are going during our stay at the university. We all had a very nice time with each other. Thank you Asiri and Saminda for providing us meals. And Moththe(Sameera) for the Tea. Ah, Dont forget leva and Sura , the fun they gave @ nite hi hi :) .

I think the most important event is providing the gifts of appreciation to Asiri, Saliya and Saminda who had helped us a lot for the exams (By doing "kuppi") through whole four years. The commitment they put can not be measured by the awards we gave. Thank you very much Asiri, Saliya and saminda for all those things you had done for us. Also thank you Amila for arranging such an event.

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